An Italian Tradition

When you’re dining is there anything as important as the food? Most will say “no.” And most will be wrong. The food, it’s freshness, and preparation are obviously very important – to us and to you. But where you eat and who you eat with can be equally important ingredients. I grew up in Mama Terano’s Brooklyn kitchen where I was loved and inspired to cook and eat well. And eat well we did. I’ll never forget the incredible tastes my grandmother, Mama Terano, created for our family and friends – and you’ll experience those same Italian classics along with some dishes of inspiration.

But along with the food I remember the people, the conversation, the laughter, the warmth, the fun. It was more than just eating, it was emotional. It’s our goal to recreate the feeling of our Italian family’s Brooklyn kitchen here in Mama Terano.

When you visit us we want you to eat well. The food is what you focus on, what you pay attention to. But talk, laughter, warmth, and fun are what happen while you eat. Mama Terano is built around Millie Terano’s Italian cooking. The other cornerstone is the soul, heart, and passion that were created in Italy and taken to that wonderful Italian-American kitchen in Brooklyn. Dining at Mama Terano is about the food. But also about the essence and emotion of sharing that good food and wine with people you care about.

Enjoy the food. Enjoy each other. We’re very happy you’re here.


Robert Bell

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