Cioppino – Made to Order The Sanfrancisco Treat27.
Osso Buco – Braised Veal Shank, Risotto Milanese32.
Pork Milanese Fingerling Potato - Charred Cabbage, Lemon Caper Sauce27.
New York Steak Sinatra Like a Diane but Italian - Spaghetti Marinara28.
Scallops – Lemon Zest & Parmesan Cheese Risotto, Spinach29.
Sausage & Lentils – A Pan Roasted Italian Sausage on Braised Green Lentils12.
Duck Breast – Blood Orange, Radicchio, Fennel, Red Onion29.
Lamb Rack -Balsamic Mint Reduction - Garlicky Brussel Sprouts
Short Ribs- Au Jus, Gorgonzola Polenta, Green Beans
Chicken Parmesan-Spaghetti Marinara22.
Pork Shoulder Braised– Rosemary Au Jus- Polenta25.
– Au Jus - Gorgonzola Polenta - Green Beans29.
– Pork, Sausage, Peperonata, Onions, Garlic, Polenta16.
Pork Shoulder Braised– Rosemary Au Jus- Polenta
Garlic Bread: 3.50 – 5.           Plain Bread: 2.50 – 4.

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